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 Non-profits, corporations, and celebrities can use our status as a 501c3 organization to create a unique scholarship or grant. We will feature it in our Philanthropy Arena and share it with our community. We will administer an ethical decision-making process on how to award the scholarship or grant by utilizing our team of Board Advisors. To create a scholarship or grant, go to



JOIN OUR TEAM! We are currently seeking board advisors and administrative volunteers. By joining our team, especially if you already have experience, you will have an opportunity to give to your community in an big way. Or, if you lack experience, you will have the opportunity to gain that experience in an area where you need to build it. Furthermore, through our business development efforts, our volunteers will be introduced to unique long-term business relationships relevant to their career paths. Go to to learn more.



Donate to the EFL Youth Training Grant

Donate to the EFL Youth Training Grant
GTP's mission is to be a public foundation for athletic, professional, and social development. We empower athletes to engage the community in philanthropy by raising funds for scholarships and grants aligned with their career goals beyond being an athlete.

Learn more about GTP's Mission & Vision here.



efl youthDonations through this form will be used towards future grants to support tuition expenses related to EFL Youth Training, which qualify as Program Expenses. GTP's goal is to spend more than 72.5% of our Total Functional Expenses on Program Expenses.

Each of these workshops is specifically structured for children ages 9-12 (Young Persons’ Training) & ages 13 –17 (Teen Training). Students learn necessary life skills to support them in making good decisions and choices, feel good about themselves, and interact more effectively with their family and peers.

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GTP's goal is to feature at least 5 non-profits per US State and 5 NGOs per country. If your non-profit or NGO is not featured here, please go to

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