About GTP

Our mission is to be a foundation for athletic, professional, and social development. We accomplish the goals of our mission by coordinating scholarships and grants for athletes who volunteer in the community. 

The emphasis for us is coordination. We are a philanthropic form of “crowdfunding”.

We do not raise funds, and we do not fund our own scholarships and grants. Instead, we provide YOU with a platform through which YOU can create your own scholarship or grant without having to start and staff a unique foundation. We also handle the review process of all applications as well as the proper distribution of funds, and YOU handle the marketing of your page on this website to raise awareness and donations.

Because we are a 501c3, we can accept donations in excess of $50,000 from a single donor.


According to NCAA Bylaws, scholarships and grants must be available nationwide to the general public, and selection of winners cannot be based on athletic ability (except for Olympians for Olympic purposes). For example, a grant for athletes interested in social impact in the City of New Orleans is OK, but the grant cannot be limited to athletes from New Orleans. Similarly, a scholarship cannot be granted to an athlete just because they are in Division I.

Scholarships and grants cannot be created merely for a specific person like your nephew. It must be available to the general public. In fact, applicants with a familial relationship to the scholarship/grant creator are automatically disqualified.

Exception to the rules include grants for Olympic hopefuls and amateur sport teams.


To create a scholarship or grant, please email coach@teamplayers.org