• $5,000 NFHS Scholarship
    half to each gender, Jodie DeJohn & Kulimushi Barongozi, USA

  • $500 for soccer balls and shoes
    for Songdeh FC, The Gambia

  • $500 for soccer balls and shoes
    for CSPD, Tanzania

  • $500 for sustainable gardening educational
    by Meg Young (Rendezvous Haiti), Haiti

  • $500 for coaches for soccer training event
    by Let’s Play International, Brazil

  • $210 for MMA competition/medical testing fees
    for Shane “The Pain” Schubbe, USA

  • $500 for ontological training program
    for Gabrielle Pereira, USA

  • $500 for UNOSDP

  • $500 to TNABA for “goal ball” training
    for LSU and Alabama water polo teams, USA

  • $500 for Ronald McDonald House, USA
  • $500 for Livestrong Foundation